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Blossom Boutique - Ewa Fraczak

The ultimate expression of emotion is experienced on most important days of our lives, during weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or at funerals . Flowers express the love, joy, happiness and the care felt by those closest to us.

As a florist, I am passionate about my work and about bringing these beautiful expressions to reality. Flowers not only connect us with our emotions but they blend us in with our surroundings and we get to understand each occurrence with intensity and delight. I have worked for over 17 years all over the world offering corporate, bridal and every day floral arrangements.

Blossom Boutique was created over 3 years ago with love and passion for flower world.

At Blossom Boutique we care about every petal, every order, every colour, texture and most importantly about how our clients feel. 

Our mission is simple: to create unique and beautiful floral designs using the finest quality flowers.

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